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Dutse‚ the capital of Jigawa State‚a city of ancient beauty and the State's largest city. it is naturally endowed with fascinating resources including hilly rocks‚ sands dunes‚ rivers‚ streams and date trees(Dabino) of different variety


Located in Delta State‚ Warri lies along the Warri River in the western Niger River delta. The Airport which serves the City of Warri is located in Osubi. Warri houses an annex of the Delta State Government house and is notable for being the oil hub of southern Nigeria.


The city of power‚ Abuja since becoming the capital of Nigeria has witnessed a huge influx of people. People come to Abuja for business‚ official engagements and leisure‚ there abound various unique attractions worth seeing in the city


Known as the ancient city in the South-West‚ Ibadan retains the mixture of old charm and modern attractions. The Ibadan Polo Club is one of the finest recreation centres in the State. Located on the Dugbe-Eleyele axis of the city‚ it shares fence with the popular Mokola Barracks.


Jalingo is the capital city of Taraba State which lies largely within the middle of Nigeria and consists of undulating landscapes dotted with few mountainous features. The state is often referred to as the most beautiful state in Nigeria.


The second fastest-growing city in Africa and the former capital of Nigeria‚ Lagos is regarded as the commercial capital of Nigeria. The city is the convergence of business transactions both locally and internationally. Nightlife in Lagos is unlike anywhere else in the country‚ so vibrant and explosive..


Ilorin's central location makes it easily accessible from several parts of the country.The city is a confluence of cultures‚ populated by Yoruba‚ Hausa‚ Fulani‚ Nupe‚ Baruba‚ and foreign nationals. Ilorin also presents a range of tourist sites  such as the imposing Sobi Hill‚ said to have offered protection to natives during inter-tribal wars in ancient times.


This is the capital city of Ondo State. Akure is at the central part of the country and it connects to other major and strategic Nigerian cities. Cocoa production is the mainstay of the economy. Bitumen has also been discovered in the State.


Though the capital of Republic of Benin is Port-Novo‚ the seat of government is Cotonou. This informs the large influx of travelers from far and near. The city also boast of rich wildlife and resplendent nightlife.


Lome‚ the capital of Togo bustles in the day with commercial activities and dazzles at night with recreational zones around the city. A city with expanding markets for business persons and shoppers.


The capital of Niger is location of leather production in Africa's Savannah. Niamey is a raw material source for leather-related items and accessories because of its rich nomadic agricultural practice.


Gombe is located in the northeastern part of Nigeria. Created out of Bauchi State on October 1‚ 1996‚ Gombe is endowed with beautiful landscapes. The state comprises many ethnic nationalities known for their warmth and hospitality. The state is home to Gombe State University and Gombe National Park‚ a sanctuary for diverse wildlife‚ including chimpanzees amongst other attractions..