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Passengers Travelling with Reduced Mobility or With Medical Condition or Sickness;Pregnant Passengers;Minor (Infant, Child and Unaccompanied Minor);Prisoners/Deportees;Deaf or Blind Passengers;Drunk Passengers;Elderly Passengers

A Person with Reduced Mobility (PRM) is any person whose mobility when using transport is reduced due to any physical disability (sensory or motor, permanent or
temporary) intellectual disability or impairment, or age or any other cause of disability that requires special attention and the adaptation to his or her particular needs of the services which are made available to all passengers.

The categories of such passengers shall include;

1. Passengers Travelling with Reduced Mobility or With Medical Condition or Sickness.

2. Pregnant Passengers

3. Minor (Infant, Child and Unaccompanied Minor)

4. Prisoners/Deportees

5. Deaf or Blind Passengers

6. Drunk Passengers

7. Elderly Passengers

· The Passenger who falls under any of these categories is required to notify our
airline at least 24 hours before the expected flight date.

· Tickets will only be issued to such passengers at our ticketing counter or ticketing



When assessing a passenger's fitness for air travel, the effects of reduced atmospheric pressure and consequent reduction in oxygen tension must be considered. Although each case will be considered on its merit, the following guidelines are laid down for the treating physician's reference:

  • Critical heart and respiratory conditions (e.g. decompensated cardiac patients /patients with severe valvular disease/unstable angina/significant cardiac arrhythmias/severe asthma) are not permitted to fly on board Overland Airways.
  • Patients with recent coronary occlusion with myocardial infarction are not permitted to fly.
  • Patients who have undergone angioplasties are allowed to fly only after 4 days if asymptomatic.
  • Cases of uncontrolled severe hypertension are not allowed to fly.
  • Patients with severe bronchitis, emphysema, and other conditions where respiratory exchange is compromised or may be affected by the hypoxia are NOT permitted to fly.
  • Patients with active open tuberculosis/untreated pneumothorax are not permitted to fly. Cases with tracheostomies are NOT permitted to fly.
  • Cases of acute, major psychiatric disorder are NOT allowed to fly.
  • CVA/Head Injury are not permitted to fly unless stable and accompanied by a certified nursing escort.
  • Severe cases of acute otitis media/sinusitis/post middle ear surgery permitted to fly only with ENT specialist's fitness certificate.
  • Patients with acute contagious / communicable diseases are not allowed to fly.
  • Patients with fractures of the Mandible with fixed wiring of the jaws are not allowed to fly.
  • POP casts should be bi-valved in case flying is required within the first 48 hours of their application.
  • Peptic ulceration with hemorrhage - not permitted within 5 days of onset, except when permitted by the treating consultant. Flying may be permitted after 5 days of a MINOR laparoscopic procedure, if uncomplicated recovery. Investigative laproscopy may be accepted >24 hours provided gas is absorbed.
  • Post-operative cases are not permitted to fly.
  • Passengers with Deep Vein Thrombosis should not fly till patient is stabilized on anticoagulant therapy and there are no pulmonary complications.
  • Patient with severe anemia (Hb < 9.5 gm/dl) are not permitted to fly.
  • Patients with uncontrolled Diabetes Mellitus are not permitted to fly.
  • Flying is not permitted for 3-6 weeks following surgery for Retinal detachment.

In all cases where your fitness to fly is in doubt, please consult your treating physician prior to making the reservation. Full consultation with the Overland Airways' Flight Reservation well before the flight is important, if inconvenience/health risk to the passenger / others is to be avoided.

Knowledge of the principles involved & the facilities available, combined with cooperation between the passenger, his/her treating physician and the airline's flight reservation team will ensure that almost all such passengers travel safely & with minimum inconvenience.


  • A recently completed MEDIF form (within 10 days of the schedule date of the passenger's initial departing flight) must be submitted to the Overland Airways Flight Reservation Team at least 24 hours prior to schedule departure date. Overland Airways' decision regarding fitness of passengers to fly / requirement of medical escort will be final.
  • If at time of embarkation the condition of the passenger has further deteriorated, carriage may be refused. Any case which Overland Airways feels might jeopardize the safety or operation of the aircraft will not be accepted.
  • Passengers with symptoms likely to worsen during flight / cause distress or inconvenience to other passengers will not be accepted. MEDIF Forms for all medical cases will have to be sent to Overland Airway's Flight Reservation for approval.
  • Passengers are requested to carry all medications that they may require in-flight in their hand luggage. Passengers who have a medical condition are also requested to carry all details regarding their illness (including hospital discharge cards, treatment details, relevant medical history details, doctor's certificates, etc) as well as the recommended treatment in case of an anticipated emergency, in their hand luggage. It is not possible for cabin crew to refrigerate passenger's medications, and if this is required, passengers should carry their own cool bag or vacuum flask, subject to the Airlines' Condition of Carriage policy and IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations, the Nigerian Civil Aviation Regulations and/or the prevailing local laws.
  • The passenger's attendant should ensure that all items/medical equipment brought on the aircraft by the passenger (needles, syringes, unused medication) are removed at the time the passenger disembarks from the aircraft.
  • Inform our reservation staff at the time of booking that the passenger traveling is a medically ill passenger. The MEDIF Form has to be filled by the doctor treating the passenger.
  • The completed MEDIF Form and a detailed certificate from the doctor, certifying other relevant medical information of the passenger's illness / condition should be faxed / emailed to Overland Airways' Flight Reservation at the following numbers:

Email: fly@overland.aero
Fax: +234 (1) 460 7462
Telephone +234 803 535 5005/6

Approval of the MEDIF FORM is to be obtained from Overland Airways' Flight
Reservation as mentioned above.

Only after obtaining clearance from Overland Airways Flight Reservation can the
passenger be booked and then accepted for travel.


Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM) and/or medical conditions will be accepted for travel only if found "fit to travel" at the time of check-in. Prior clearance does not guarantee carriage if the condition of the passenger has deteriorated after clearance has been obtained.





Passengers or their relatives (as the case may be) must request their treating
physicians to refer to these 'GUIDELINES' before completing the MEDIF Form. Kindly note the following

  • Cabin Staff are trained in first aid only and are not expected to render special nursing care to critically ill cases. Cabin crew is not permitted to administer injections or open physician kits, which contain life saving drugs and equipments.These kits can be opened only under instructions of Registered Medical Practitioners.
  • No medical support will be provided by Overland Airways. The passenger will have to be accompanied by a qualified medical escort, i.e. a doctor (minimum degree equivalent MBBS). A registered nurse may be permitted in rare cases, solely at the discretion of Overland Airways, upon the recommendation/advise of the treating doctor.
  • Passengers need to liaise directly with respective Airport Manager for ambulift facilities well in advance, where this is required, as this facility will not be provided by Overland Airways.
  • Ground and Transit oxygen arrangements are to be made directly by thepassenger in conjunction with the Airport manager or Airport ground staff in liaison with the local airport governing authority.

Overland Airways would be responsible only for the transport of the passenger by air from one sector to another. Arrangements for and cost of all equipment/medications/ accompanying medical escorts/ambulift facility, diapers etc., would be borne by the passenger.

Carriage of Life Saving, Urinary Bags and other Medical Equipment on Board will not be permitted on Overland Airways flights except a special waiver or concession is granted by the Accountable Executive of our Airline.

Where such concession is given, Manufacturers' technical details regarding equipment, safety precautions if any, procurement source, manufacturers contact details etc should be submitted at least 24 hours prior to flight by the Passenger or by his next friend or relative.

All equipment on board must be secure.

The Treating Physician should give a certificate stating that:

  • All equipments are battery operated (dry, non-spillable, sealed batteries only).
  • The battery will not be recharged in-flight (no recharging facilities are available onboard)
  • The equipment is life-saving and will be required in-flight.
  • It will not emit any electromagnetic radiation which could interfere with the communication/navigation of the aircraft or aircraft equipment.
  • There is an adequate supply of fully charged batteries, i.e., sufficient for 150% of maximum expected flight duration. Additional batteries must be packed as per IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations.



Acceptance for Travel

Up to 27 weeks Expectant mother may be accepted for travel provided that there are no prior complications.

Fitness to fly certificate from her treating obstetrician and the Airline clearance is not required.

Between 28 up to 32 weeks Expectant mother with uncomplicated single pregnancy may be accepted for travel provided that there are no prior complications.

· Fitness to fly certificate from her treating obstetrician is required specifying the number of weeks of pregnancy.
· The Airline's clearance is also required.
· Cases of multiple pregnancy / complicated single pregnancy are not allowed.

After 32 weeks · Not allowed

Expectant mothers (in relevant cases) are required to provide a medical certificate stating the following:

  • Fitness to travel
  • Number of weeks of pregnancy
  • Estimated date of delivery
  • Absence of complications (past or present)


  • The certificate must be available on request and should be carried with you at the airport and during the flight in your cabin baggage. Please note that for your safety, if you choose not to carry a medical certificate, Overland Airways reserves the right to refuse you boarding.
  • Passengers are allowed to fly after 48 hours of normal delivery provided they have medical clearance. Newborns are not allowed to fly in the first 7 days of life.


You can now process special request for Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) using the
Unaccompanied Minor Information Form which you are required to download and print, complete and submit at our ticketing offices.

1. Booking for the Unaccompanied Minor (UMNR) will be made using the Adult fare.

2. The Unaccompanied Minor Information Form must be completed by the
Parent/Guardian of the Minor.

3. Once completed by parent/guardian, the completed form should be scanned and sent to: fly@overland.aero

- Please send only one Declaration of Indemnity Form per minor.

- Only details from the parents/guardians email address will be accepted.

4. Parent/Guardian will receive an email from fly@overland.aero confirming the


  • A child can only travel as an unaccompanied minor if he or she is between the ages of 5 and 12 years.
  • Children between the ages 0 and 5years are not allowed to travel alone unless they are accompanied by an adult of age 16 and above.
  • Passengers of ages 13 and above are allowed to travel alone.
  • The parent/guardian is required to submit the Declaration of Indemnity Form at the Overland Airways' ticketing counter at the airport.
  • Overland Airways will take a photo capture of the person so authorized by the Parent/Guardian to pick up the Unaccompanied Minor and Handover must be done in the presence of a witness.
  • Information provided at the point of booking and ticketing will take precedence.
  • Any changes to details on the Declaration of Indemnity Form should be done prior to departure at the airport by the Parent/Guardian.
  • Only details received from the parents/guardian's email address will be accepted.
  • Overland Airways will not issue ticket for the Unaccompanied Minor unless the Declaration of Indemnity Form is duly completed and submitted at Overland Airways Ticket Counter, at the airport of departure.
  • At the Airport of Arrival, Unaccompanied Minor will be handed over to the person authorized by the Parent/Guardian to pick up the Unaccompanied Minor at our Airport Office with the Proof of Identification specified.




Note: These categories of passengers are allowed on board Overland Airways
flight. However, before acceptance for flight, (blind, deaf, lame, WCHR,), Overland
Airways' ground staff at the point of origin MUST ascertain before departure, the
availability of support equipment and resources at the passenger's point of




Overland Airways will allow elderly passengers on board its flight provided that they are not critically ill, unconscious, on oxygen or have urine bags or medical equipments attached to their person.

Thank you
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